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Global Accounting LLC is a full-service Accounting and computing consultancy firm with multiple offices based here in the US and an international office based in Europe.  Global Accounting had provided HIPPA, HITrust, and FISMA support to Hospitals in 3 states and 2 countries (the United States and South Korea).  Dr. West (CEO) is on the national board of directors for the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) foundation that helps with health information management (HIM) worldwide and Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) is a public/private partnership to focus on new technology.  The company has a combined experience of more than 30-years’ in accounting and ¬45 years’ in computing and computer modeling.  

Global Accounting holds 2 GSA Schedule Contracts for GSA Professional Service Schedule (PSS) FABs Number 47QRAA20D004H and GSA IT Contract Number 47QTCA20D0058 in the United States, Spain Rapid Response Cybersecurity and Audit (RRDS), and South Korea Dongyi 5G Infrastructure (IDIQ). 


Global Accounting has offices on 2 continents (North America and Europe). Over the years the company has examined more than $2.3 billion in service contracts. GA is constituted of 108 qualified CPA staff holding advanced degrees as well as 17 supporting Certified Accountants, 22 business Analysts, and 6 Data Science Analysts. Global Accounting is certified by Veteran Affairs as SDVOSB. Further certifications include Small, Women and Minority-Owned and Historically Underutilized Business Zone

Global Accounting

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Growing internationally provides unmatched benefits: you can access new markets, find global talent and take advantage of different currencies. But accounting professionals face serious challenges too, worrying about incorporating in a new country, opening a foreign bank account, and complying with local regulations.

Why do companies turn to us when they want to expand and hire international team members? Because we make global expansion fast and easy. As pioneers of the global PEO and employer of record industry, we’ve created a model that combines unmatched international legal and HR expertise with a privacy-by-design software platform. And, with global entities spanning six continents and 170 countries, you can feel confident we can handle any issues that come your way.

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